Minutes of Regular Meeting - City Council

Council Chamber, 4th Floor, City Hall

Meeting #:
4th Floor City Hall
  • Mayor Danny Breen
  • Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O'Leary
  • Councillor Maggie Burton
  • Councillor Dave Lane
  • Councillor Sandy Hickman
  • Councillor Debbie Hanlon
  • Councillor Deanne Stapleton
  • Councillor Hope Jamieson
  • Councillor Jamie Korab
  • Councillor Ian Froude
  • Councillor Wally Collins
  • Kevin Breen, City Manager
  • Derek Coffey, Deputy City Manager of Finance & Administration
  • Jason Sinyard, Deputy City Manager of Planning, Engineering & Regulatory Services
  • Cheryl Mullett, City Solicitor
  • Elaine Henley, City Clerk
  • Ken O'Brien, Chief Municipal Planner
  • Shanna Fitzgerald, Legislative Assistant
  • Susan Bonnell, Manager - Communications & Office Services
  • Brian Head, Manager of Parks and Open Spaces

​​Land Acknowledgement

The following statement was read into the record:

“We respectfully acknowledge the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador, of which the City of St. John’s is the capital City, as the ancestral homelands of the Beothuk. Today, these lands are home to a diverse population of indigenous and other peoples. We would also like to acknowledge with respect the diverse histories and cultures of the Mi’kmaq, Innu, Inuit, and Southern Inuit of this Province.”

  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/490
    Moved ByCouncillor Jamieson
    Seconded ByDeputy Mayor O'Leary

    That the Agenda be adopted as presented.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)
  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/491
    Moved ByCouncillor Hanlon
    Seconded ByCouncillor Stapleton

    That the minutes of October 28, 2019 be adopted as presented.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)

At the Regular Meeting of Council on October 15, 2019 Councillor Froude gave notice that he will be requesting Council's consideration of a motion for debate recognizing climate change as an emergency and set forward a course of action for the city’s sustainability.

  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/492
    Moved ByCouncillor Froude
    Seconded ByCouncillor Korab

    Establishing Climate Mitigation and Adaptation as a Strategic Priority of the City of St. John’s


    1. The United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has established that:
    a) Human activities have caused approximately 1.0 ⁰C of global warming above pre-industrial levels.
    b) At current current greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates, global warming will reach 1.5 ⁰C between 2030 and 2052;
    c) Climate change is currently jeopardizing the health and survival of many species and other natural environments, stressing local and international eco-systems and economies;
    d) Ambitious reduction in carbon emissions are necessary to avoid further economic, ecological, and societal loss;

    2. Health Canada has established that:
    a) Climate change is affecting Canadian’s health and will continue to pose challenges in the future including impacts to temperature-related morbidity, weather-related natural hazards, as well as impacts to air quality, water and food-borne contaminants, vector-borne disease, and health effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

    3. Natural Resources Canada has established that:
    a) Atlantic Canada has experienced an increase in temperature of 0.7 ⁰C;
    b) The annual precipitation in Atlantic Canada has increased by approximately 11.3%, while snow and ice have declined;
    c) St. John’s has seen a sea level rise of 1.9 mm per year, and temperatures have risen by 0.13⁰C per decade;
    d) These regional and local trends are projected to continue and intensify because of climate change, exacerbating social, environmental and economic impacts.


    4. THAT the City of St. John’s officially affirm a climate emergency for the purpose of deepening our commitment to protecting our community, economy, natural assets, and ecosystems from changes in climate. 

    FURTHER THAT the City of St. John’s affirms action on climate change as a strategic priority.

    FURTHER THAT the City of St. John’s commit to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM).

    FURTHER THAT the City of St. John’s direct staff to bring a report to Council for its consideration before the end of 2019 that describes an approach for creating a Sustainability Plan, which incorporates Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation including, but not be limited to:
    a. The assessment of climate risks and vulnerabilities and, ultimately, actions for the City of St. John’s to increase local adaptation and resilience;
    b. The development of specific greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for 2030 and 2050 and, ultimately, actions and strategies for the City of St. John’s to achieve its targets;
    c. The development of reporting systems for energy utilization, greenhouse gas emissions, and weather impacts to inform policy and budgeting choices;
    d. The identification of funding sources and collaboration opportunities to support the implementation of the plan.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)

A Discretionary Use application has been submitted requesting permission to operate a Home Occupation for a Hair Salon at 16 Mahogany Place.

The floor area for the proposed business is 10.4m2. The Hair Salon would include colors, cuts, stylings, etc. Hours of operation will be Monday - Friday, 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. by appointment only with only 1 client per appointment (1 – 3 hour duration). Applicant is the sole-employee and on-site parking is provided.

8 submissions received.

  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/493
    Moved ByCouncillor Collins
    Seconded ByCouncillor Lane

    That the application be approved subject to all applicable City requirements.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)

Council considered for information the Development Permits List for the Period October 24-30, 2019. It was noted that 10 Virginia Road is located in Ward 2. 

  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/494
    Moved ByCouncillor Hanlon
    Seconded ByCouncillor Jamieson

    That the Building Permits List for the period October 24 - October 30, 2019 be approved as presented.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)
  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/495
    Moved ByCouncillor Stapleton
    Seconded ByCouncillor Korab

    That the weekly payment vouchers in the amount of $8,852,393.40 for the week ending October 30, 2019 be approved as presented.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)
  • SJMC-2019-10-28/496
    Moved ByCouncillor Froude
    Seconded ByCouncillor Lane

    That the open call RFP118028008A be awarded to Dicks and Company Ltd. as issued by the Province as per the Public Procurement Act.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)

Approved via E-poll October 31, 2019

  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/497
    Moved ByCouncillor Froude
    Seconded ByCouncillor Hickman

    That Bid Approval Note 2019227 for the supply and delivery of fire-retardant uniforms for the St. John's Regional Fire Department be awarded to Uniform Works Limited in the amount of $158,610.30, including HST, the lowest bidder meeting specification.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)
  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/498
    Moved ByCouncillor Froude
    Seconded ByDeputy Mayor O'Leary

    That Bid Approval Note 2019220 be awarded to CAREW SERVICES LIMITED in the amount of $190,734.40 (including HST) the lowest and only bidder meeting specifications as per the Public Procurement Act.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)
  • SJMC-R-2019-11-04/499
    Moved ByCouncillor Burton
    Seconded ByCouncillor Lane

    That Council approve the façade renovations at 226 Water Street, as proposed.

    MOTION CARRIED (11 to 0)

1.  Deputy Mayor O'Leary

  • Asked that staff inquire as to the status of the RFI for the new mental health facility.

2.  Councillor Hanlon

  • Asked that staff consider permanent city wide free parking for veterans to be discussed at a future Committee of the Whole.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:33 pm.